Product Thumbnail of Liona dress
Product Thumbnail of Liona dress
Product Thumbnail of Liona dress
Product Thumbnail of Liona dress
Product Thumbnail of Liona dress
Product Thumbnail of Liona dress

Liona dress

225.00 USD
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Liona dress is our new cousin to the famous Carmine dress. We love this new evolution and development that is a great catch. This soft lace is a dream material to dance in. Wear it for all occasions this season. One of our favorites!

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Whether you are searching for a dress to dance the night away in, a casual dress, a dress for the beach or a dress for the office we got you covered. Here you will find everything from mini dresses, midi dresses to maxi dresses in the most magical prints and patterns. Go for a classic wrap dress, a flirty lace dress with frills or go bold in a dress with big shoulders. Our Carmine Dress has been a favourite among our customers for many years, it is the perfect dress when attending a wedding. Our collection of dresses is made out of a wide range of materials, from silk and lace to Recycled Materials and EcoVero Viscose. Just so you will find the perfect dress for your occasion. 

There is a dress for every occasion and with some easy styling, you can turn a party dress into a casual dress. For a workday add a pair of sneakers and a denim jacket, and for the evening change the shoes to heels and some jewellery and you are ready for dinner. For the colder days just add a pair of jeans underneath and you are ready for a day at the office.

We also have a wide range of white dresses that is perfect for weddings, summer parties, prom or graduation. No matter if you are looking for a discrete dress or a more extravagant one with sequins we have the perfect piece for you.