“Fashion can be luxurious without using fur”

Faux fur is a type of textile fabric fashioned to simulate genuine animal fur. It is known as a pile fabric and is typically made from polymeric fibers that are processed, dyed, and cut to match a specific fur texture and color. The fibers are based upon the principle of air spaces entrapped between fibers. But the fibers, which are usually acrylic, modacrylic, or a combination of them, are held in place being knitted into a base material. The result high-pile material is converted into imitation fur fabric by special processing. Today’s fake furs can be nearly indistinguishable from the natural furs they imitate.

By Malina has since 2017 been a fur free brand. Malin Andrén, founder and designer, on this topic:

"To be a brand in the fashion industry today means taking responsibility and being socially and environmentally responsible. Why use fur today, when we have so many other options? Today’s technology has made it possible to use luxurious materials. Fur has never been an integral part of our design strategy as we had only used it on a limited basis as an accent in some collections. That’s why we decided to stop the use of fur in our collections. We are happy, proud and feel it is the right time to take this action."