By Malina cares for the environment and are always looking for greener alternatives throughout the transportation chain.

We always work to reduce the environmental impact of our transportations, being less dependent on fossil fuels is one part. We strive to optimize our shipments and choosing more sustainable transportation ways. The majority of our production is transported by boat. We are looking into new ways of reducing our flight freight to zero, starting using railway freight more often.

We strive for everything sent from our warehouse to be packed and transported in an environmentally friendly manner. When you as a customer place an order on By Malina, it is packed in an “Eco-box” which is our standard choice. For us, quality and an exclusive experience for our customers are important and therefore we pack all our orders with care.

We use recycled tissue paper, FSC labels, degradable paper tape and cartons made from recycled material. All cartons are printed with water-based inks that dry and evaporate naturally, requiring no extra energy to do so. You can read more about Forest Stewardship Council here.

The transport from our warehouse to you as a customer is important to us. For our customers in Sweden, Finland, Denmark and the Netherlands, we offer Budbee which is an environmentally friendly shipping alternative. They work towards 100% fossil-free transport in all countries, and where it does not reach 100%, they climate compensate for the rest. You can also choose climate-compensated delivery with PostNord.

Look for the green leaf symbol in checkout to find your green shipping.