We believe everybody in our supply chain should be treated with respect and dignity. We believe everybody should earn a fair wage. It is our responsibility as a brand to make sure that our entire supply chain is treated this way.

By Malina always strive to have a close relationship with our suppliers. With this ambition, we visit our main producers at least four times a year (in normal conditions) and have a daily correspondence through e-mail. We want to make sure that the people in By Malina’s supply chain are working under fair conditions. This includes reasonable wages and working hours. Therefore, we have created a code of conduct that all our suppliers has signed. In January 2021 we have 24 manufacturers and suppliers around the world, the majority in Asia, but also in counties like India, Portugal, Italy - always aiming to find the supplier that specialize in particular techniques and processes for the specific product.

Our code of conduct has been reviewed by our sustainability agent and is approved.

Our goal here is to start researching the sub-factories of our suppliers and make the entire chain as transparent as possible. Another aim is to communicate around this topic with our suppliers, to make sure these guidelines are followed. The next step and goal would be having a third-party controlling each supplier to make sure they follow the signed code of conduct. In 2022 we will be more transparent, letting the costumers know where each garment is produced. You will find the information at product level in the description.

If you have any questions around our suppliers or our code of conduct, don't hesitate to contact us at sustainabiliy@bymalina.com.