“Fiber from forest”

Viscose is simply a form of rayon, it is produced from a natural material called cellulose. Viscose is usually made out of pine and is similar to cotton and silk. The name derived from the way this fiber is manufactured; viscous organic liquid used to make both rayon and collophane. It is a fine and soft material commonly used in tunics and shirts. Because it’s made from cellulose, there is an argument to say that it is a more sustainable fiber then other synthetic fiber. It can be damaged by excessive wringing and twisting that’s why dry cleaning is the preferred method of cleaning.

ProViscose® is a trademarked fabric. It is a fiber that makes up for weaknesses of rayon fiber (i.e., decrease in strength & elongation in humidity) by blending Lenzing Viscose (70%) and Tencel (30%). The fabric is wearable and breathable based on its great softness and absorbance. Although it’s a material based on cellulose it causes no deformation when wet or after strong laundering.