April, 2021

As a celebration of the ten-year mark of providing the world with more unique patterns and a more colorful life, By Malina launches The Archive Collection. A series of limited pieces made of leftover materials from all the previous By Malina collections.

By Malina is on a journey, making our universe more sustainable, from the way we deliver our products, in what materials we use and now taking care of all our left-over materials. We have been saving everything that was not used during production from the previous decade, now turning ten years we want to make good use of these materials and imaginative prints. We hope that each print reminds our long-term customers of great experiences in life. Associating the print with a great wedding they went to, a never-ending party, a life-changing holiday or your everyday favorite pieces always chosen when you want to feel your best self.

The founder and designer, Malin Ek Andren, got the idea of starting By Malina when attending big parties and weddings she never found anything different and unique to wear - nothing desirable. “I missed something with wearability, not in terms of comfort but what clothes can give. I was brought up in a very creative home, with a family that always urged me to express my creativity. When working for other companies I never got to select the best fabrics. When I started to design myself, I got the freedom to choose my favorite material silk. Mixing irresistible patterns and colors on silk, being able to create and design with whatever I wanted - that was my freedom. So, By Malina was born, I made my first collection of stand-out, maxi silk dresses”.

Now a decade later, we wanted to take you back to where it all started, bringing back our bold patterns and mixing them with current designs. We are known for our patterns and colors, patterns make you feel unique, mixing colors to express emotions and silhouettes to enhance the best of yourself.

“I always wanted to create clothes that make you feel at ease in your own skin and confident. A certain piece of clothing could make someone feel different, stronger or more sensual, and I find this so fascinating. Coming back to the wearability, I want clothes to make you feel good. I hope all the women wearing By Malina feel as great as I did create them”, Malin Ek Andrén, founder & designer.

The collection will be available exclusively at April 22th at 8.00 AM CEST. Discover all pieces here