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About your appointment

By Malina's bridal collection features different styles, quality fabrics and individuality, all to an affordable price. The delivery time is approximately 4 months for all made-to-order gowns from your confirmed order. Your first appointment will include a tailored, 50-minute session with our stylist, where you will try on our gown samples. The appointment costs 300 SEK; however, this amount will be deducted if you decide to order a wedding gown.

If a made-to-order gown purchase is made, we will take your measurements and order the closest dress size to be made. We do not offer custom gown consultations. Depending on the style, slight alterations can be made for example short or long sleeves, lace, length on train etc. When the order is made a deposit of 50% of the gown will be charged. Once a made-to-order gown is paid for, you are in a contractual agreement to follow through with the gown chosen.

Most of our dresses are made-to-order gowns and that means that there is no stock of your gown and the making of the gown begins once you place your order. The most important thing to note is that made-to-order gowns are ordered to the closest numerical dress size, based on measurements taken in the showroom. The gown is not made to exact measurements (which is referred to as "made-to-measure"). In order to have the perfect fit, the dress need to be altered by a tailor. Our gowns are quite simple to alter, but depending on the severity of your alterations needs, expect cost to range from 1500-2000 SEK on average. For any major customizations, cost can go upwards to 2500-3000 SEK. We happily recommend a few tailors that have been working with the By Malina dresses earlier.

We are quite busy, especially during spring time so we recommend you to get in touch with us at least a couple of weeks prior to when you wish to have an appointment. All appointments need to be booked and confirmed via e-mail in advanced. We try to reply all e-mails within 48 hours, however when we are very busy it may take a couple of extra days. Our showroom is open Monday-Thursday 9-18 and Fridays 9-16. For inquires kindly e-mail