Product Thumbnail of Bondi hoodie
Product Thumbnail of Bondi hoodie
Product Thumbnail of Bondi hoodie
Product Thumbnail of Bondi hoodie
Product Thumbnail of Bondi hoodie
Product Thumbnail of Bondi hoodie
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Bondi hoodie

160.00 USD
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Our Terry Collection comes in the most soft terry material. Perfect garments for both cozy days on the sofa as well as a cover up on the beach. Available in three different colors. Our Bondi Hoodie comes in a loose fit with a cozy hood. It works perfectly with our Gili Pants and Capri shorts or a pair of jeans for a more everyday look.

Our Terry Collection comes in a terry cloth material made from a Rayon mix fabric. The fabric is woven with many protruding loops of thread which can absorb water well. Therefore, the garment has commonly been used in connection to water but today you can recognize it in ready-to-wear clothing. This garment has been treated and washed before packed and can therefore have some deviation visually.

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The everywhere collection: Terry

For the Spring 21 season, we created a new concept, clothing made for every day and everywhere - The Everywear Collection; As comfortable as you would be at home, but as stylish as if you were anywhere. Nowadays, we spend more time at home, this is, at the moment the new normal. Everyone is making more room in their wardrobes for more casual pieces, but still wanting them to be adaptable to any occasion and we are adapting to the new need. Our new pieces are suitable to wear both inside and outside of the comfort in your own home, a collection made for every day and everywhere. Turning unformal dress codes to comfortable formal, it's the new normal. The traditional homely styles of sets form a new meaning, By Malina created sets in washed Terry material to be your companion, at home, at the beach or used in your everyday style out and about. Wide trousers, comfy hoodies, high-waisted shorts, on and off duty pike shirts and matching bucket hats. All pieces come in all colour combos; Azure blue, olive and white - the paring is all up to you.